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Simple ways to get back into exercising.

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Have you taken a break from working out? Maybe seasonal weather has kept you from getting outside, or you haven’t found an at-home workout you like. No matter the reason, now is the perfect time to get your body moving again. Staying active is an essential part of maintaining your overall health. Just remember to stretch, warm up and cool down to prevent injury. Here are some tips to help you get back into exercise.

  • Why did you stop in the first place? - Figuring out what caused you to stop can help you plan and execute a successful workout routine. Every person's idea of a fun or effective workout is different; finding an exercise plan or workout that works for you is the ideal way to get started. Another motivating tool is connecting with someone that is a mentor or is in a similar workout space as you. Creating accountability for your workouts is a highly effective way to get yourself into a good routine.
  • Start small - Don't expect that you can pick up from where you left off. Talk to your doctor before you start anything new and allow yourself time to get re-aquainted with exercise. Taking things too fast, too soon could result in an injury ruining your overall goal and success of your workouts. More overall daily movement goes a long way, too. Daily walking, playing with the dogs/kids or switching up your routine and taking the steps instead of the elevator promotes healthy habits.
  • Set realistic goals - Set goals based on performance rather than image-based goals and make those first weeks of goals easily attainable. Instead of setting a goal to run 5x/week, set a goal to walk 3x. Successfully achieving your exercise goals will motivate you to do more each week.
  • Celebrate your progress - Each week or at least every other week, take some time to reflect on what you've accomplished. Losing 2 lbs, attending your exercise classes or eating healthfully are wonderful reasons to celebrate! Try booking a massage or facial to promote health decision-making for yourself; each victory will prompt you to do more and encourage additional healthy decisions.
Celebrate each victory! Check out our simple ways to get back into exercise.

Bottom line, give yourself a break! Getting the motivation to re-engage in working out is difficult, but you can do it. Start small, set realistic goals and celebrate your progress! 

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