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  • The Krugman Team

    Health Insurance can be confusing, and we get that. It's our mission to help you navigate through all the options to figure out what works best for you and your family!


    All of the companies we represent are well-respected industry leaders. ​We understand that there are no "cookie cutter" solutions, so based on hundreds of possibilities, your plan will be customized on your specific situation.


    Jordan & his team represent you, not the insurance companies. We are your advocates, working hard to make sure you get the most bang for your buck...best of all our services are free!

  • Our Products

    Insurance Products designed with you in mind.

    Health Insurance

    We offer coverage for all situations: individual, family, small business and large group.

    Dental Insurance

    We’ll protect your smile, with dental plans designed for you.

    Life Insurance

    Life Insurance protects your family’s future for those, Just in Case moments.

    Medicare Supplements

    Seniors have unique insurance needs. The insurance companies that we work with will meet & exceed those needs.

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